April Newsletter

 We greeted the month of March with the colors of Spring. Our teachers greeted each other for the International Women’s Day and felt proud for being in a Women run organization. We had a fun-filled celebration of Holi and remembered Sri Rama on his birthday.

The month of March had the theme of “Welcome Spring” and we welcomed spring with art works using flowers, leaves, butterflies and bunnies incorporating springtime symbols into each activity. Children found it interesting when teachers asked them to use flower petals as stamps to print on paper, flower twigs as painting brushes, and the stem as pencils to draw. Children learned more about the weather and season during their artwork. There was a good grasp and learning on their sensory and fine motor skills.

We celebrated “Holi” which is the cultural festival of colors. Holi added more colors and festivity to Vidyarambh. Everyone gathered at our outdoor play areas for the fun color bash. Infants had their share of fun using organic edible turmeric powder. The Preschoolers and PreK-ers made Ragi Laddu to celebrate the festival and they also learned what to mix to get the laddu and how to roll the laddus using their fingers. They also made their own colors for the celebration using cornstarch and food colors.

We started cleaning our vegetable garden patch and filled it with many vegetable seeds as part of the gardening project. As the days go warmer, we are hoping to see buds growing up to bigger plants and give a good yield.

Children heard the stories of Holi, Sri Rama and clapped hands for the songs played and sung by teachers.

After welcoming spring, we are expecting to see “Bugs, Bees, and Insects” in April. There is going to be more learning and exploration about bugs, bees, insects, and butterflies. We are getting ready with the theme-based curriculum and activities around it. Children will get to know about a few festival celebrations coming in the month of April through stories and art activities.