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Vidyarambh Campus: A Premier Learning Environment

Our Santa Clara Campus

Discover the unparalleled facilities at our campus, meticulously designed to enhance your child’s educational journey:

-Classrooms: Our spacious classrooms, are named after Indian rivers like Narmada, Kaveri, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc. Classrooms provide a well-lit and ventilated environment. Decorated with natural colors and thoughtfully arranged according to NAEYC standards, they create a nurturing atmosphere for learning.

-Play Area: Spanning 12,000 sq ft, our play area offers ample space for children to explore and engage. Specifically divided for younger and older children, it ensures safe and age-appropriate play. Additionally, our outdoor deck serves as an inspiring outdoor classroom, allowing activities in the refreshing open air.

-Exclusive Parking: We offer plenty of exclusive parking spaces, ensuring convenient drop-offs and pickups for parents.


At Vidyarambh, we provide more than just classrooms and play areas; we create an enriching environment where every corner is designed to inspire and support your child’s growth. Children get instantly connected to the cultural richness in the environment.