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Learning Concepts

We emphasize of hands-on learning & design activities that teach early concepts of literacy, math, science, motor skills, health, and moral values & focus on children’s cognitive, social & emotional development.

Creative Corner

We nurture children’s creative side through activities like arts, craft, dance, music, yoga, story reading, theatre, science experiments, and second language learning.

Festival Celebrations

At Vidyarambh all major Indian festivals are celebrated with great grandeur to support spiritual learning and improve cultural understanding amongst children. Festive themed product & process art, processions, festive cooking projects & much more. 

Diverse Enrichment

Our preschool hosts community members like firefighters, storytellers from the city library, doctors & more who engage & inspire children. We’ve also welcomed a petting zoo with 20 adorable animals!

Embracing Cultural Richness: A Day in the Life of a Vidyarambh Student

-At Vidyarambh, our students immerse themselves in a vibrant cultural experience, seamlessly integrated into their daily routine:

-Aarti and Prayers: Each day begins with reverence and devotion, fostering a sense of spirituality.

-Music Enrichment: Engaging sessions with bhajans and slokas not only provide cultural exposure but also enhance cognitive abilities and memory power.

-Storytelling: Students explore ancient wisdom through stories from Puranas and Panchatantra, expanding their understanding of moral values.

-Artistic Expression: Classes in Indian classical dance and music as well as yoga instill discipline and creativity.

-We provide platforms for students to showcase their acquired skills during Annual Day performances, holiday celebrations, Festival celebration performances & so on. 

-At Vidyarambh, cultural immersion isn’t just a lesson; it’s a way of life, shaping confident, knowledgeable, and culturally aware individuals.