Women of Vidyarambh

International Women’s Day on March 8th is a day when women are recognized for their achievements. Vidyarambh, on this day, is proud to recognize the achievement of the woman who founded it and the women who are holding it high. We are happy to mention that it is an all-women team operating this 250+ students’ Preschool and Aftercare.

Vidyarambh has been founded by a woman who kept her family values strong and wanted to bring in the traditional and cultural knowledge passed on by her elders. She, as a mother of three, realized how difficult it is to provide similar inspiration to her children, who have grown up far away from India. She believes that while it is important for the children to maximize all the advantages that this land offers them, it is imperative for them to understand and respect their roots and traditions as well. That belief laid the foundation of Vidyarambh!! While laying the foundation strong with academic and cultural values, Ms. Sujatha has shaped it up beautifully with the help of her fellow women crew.

Vidyarambh’s classrooms are managed by women, kitchens are tastefully run by women, and the spaces are hygienically maintained by women. Vidyarambh which had a humble start with 5 children has now grown up to have around 300 students spread across two locations, Santa Clara and Cupertino. The centers are ably administered and managed by women who have included Vidyarambh into their families.

Women at Vidyarambh have come from different backgrounds, speaking different languages but have made sure to blend well to reflect their cultural values. Their educational background and achievements are different, but they have one thing in common: a Big Heart to love and nurture children.  These strong women with tender hearts are the strength of Vidyarambh. They have different challenges which they have learned to keep aside and march forward with the children they are holding on their hands. 

Vidyarambh also takes pride in providing opportunities to many immigrant women to build a career. Some of them were skeptical in the beginning about their own skill and abilities to work in a foreign land and speak a foreign language. But eventually, with constant encouragement and support, they have come out of their shell, realizing their inborn talents, and have emerged into the strong teachers, chefs and support staff they are today, loved and adored by all the families of the children in Vidyarambh. 

We, the women at Vidyarambh would like to wish a very Happy “International Women’s Day” to the women who made the choice to leave their children under our care!! We are with you in your child’s upbringing journey.