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…. the framework of the curriculum has been meticulously designed to balance unparalleled academic training with a proper foundation on Indian culture and values.

…. our well-trained staff offer positive social and emotional guidance to children, implementing the strategies from Teaching Pyramid 

…. we focus on your child’s English language development with the concepts from SEEDS quality interactions (

…. we offer wholesome, on-site prepared vegetarian Indian meals at no extra cost. We use organic ingredients as much as possible and serve meals on stainless steel tableware.

…. we establish in children the right eating and physical activity habits at an age when it is critical to build a healthy lifestyle.

A note from Sujatha Namboodiri (Founder)

“I grew up in a really close-knit family with dozens of cousins and multiple generations of elders who found joy in passing on their wealth of traditional and cultural knowledge down to us. I truly believe the reverberating Shlokas, mesmerizing Bhajans and captivating Puranic stories helped mold me into the person I am now, with a strong appreciation of my heritage. As a mother of three, I have realized how difficult it is to provide similar inspiration to my children, who have grown up far away from India. I believe that while it is important for children to maximize all the advantages that this land offers them, it is imperative for them to understand and respect their roots and traditions as well. Vidyarambh, with its well thought academic curriculum, cultural immersion, and many other admirable offerings, is my sincere attempt to help create that foundation for the next generation to appreciate their heritage and reach their full potential. Since Vidyarambh was started for my own son, every aspect of Vidyarambh had been planned through the perspective of a parent who wanted the best of everything for his or her child.”