Earth Day

April 22nd marks a special day for our planet – Earth Day. It’s an annual event celebrated globally to raise awareness about the significance of preserving our environment. At our preschool, we believe that it’s never too early to teach young children about the importance of taking care of our planet.

To celebrate Earth Day, we organized a range of engaging activities for children of all age groups. Our littlest learners, the infants, explored the world through a mess-free painting activity, while our toddlers got hands-on with sensory play using flowers, leaves, and insects. Our preschoolers engaged in a variety of process and product art activities, sparking lively discussions on how we can take tiny steps to keep our environment clean. We encouraged them to plant seeds and nurture them, teaching them the value of patience and care.

Our PreK-ers got into action, creating colorful earth-themed art with various expressions, and learning a poem, an action song, and a shloka about the planet Earth. And, in our Spring Camp program, children excitedly put forth their ideas through artwork on how they can protect our planet.

Throughout the week, children were introduced to different aspects of Earth and its conservation, learning about the environment and the simple actions we can take to protect it. It was a great opportunity for them to understand how their actions can impact the world around them, and how they can contribute to making it a better place.

At Vidyarambh, we continue to promote environmental consciousness among our students and the wider community. We believe that it’s essential to teach young children the value of taking care of our planet and instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment from an early age. By doing so, we can help create a brighter, and a more sustainable future for generations to come.