November Newsletter 

In November, we immersed ourselves in an exciting Transportation theme that captivated the curiosity and enthusiasm of our young learners. This favorite theme provided a vibrant backdrop for integrating academic concepts seamlessly into our curriculum.

The month began with bursts of creativity as classrooms buzzed with lively process art projects like ‘fluffy art’ and ‘Drawing with cars.’ Young learners joyfully crafted their paper plate cars, exploring creativity as they drove them around the classrooms. Outdoor activities such as traffic rules-themed teacher-directed outdoor play in the playground seamlessly transitioned into a lively traffic light art activity at their class tables 🚦.

Older classrooms became dramatic play area wonderlands with unique setups like ‘Security at the airports,’ ‘Different domains of travel – air, road & sea,’ and various other captivating themes. This immersive experience extended to a captivating series of STEAM activities, including the intriguing ‘Build your own car using bristle tiles’ and riveting experiments on ramps to determine which ramp allows the cars to move faster.

Meanwhile, younger preschoolers embraced the transportation theme with delight, enjoying themed puppet stories like ‘Samy & the hot air balloon’ and engaged in poetic explorations. Even November rains brought joy as tiny toddlers sailed their paper boats in playful playground puddles. Activities like parachute stamping, boat-making, and making parachutes (product art) not only brought joy but also enhanced fine motor skills.

As the month unfolded, we transitioned into the luminous celebration of Diwali, decorating our school campus with vibrant decorations. The festive spirit filled our classrooms, with delightful performances from toddlers to the Pre-K class. Thanksgiving brought further joy, with a lively ‘Turkey Trot’ outdoor activity for the Pre-K class and thoughtful messages and vibrant turkeys hand-crafted by preschoolers. Infants joined in with a themed ‘Thank You Tree’ pasting activity. The walls of our school too were adorned with ‘Thank You’ messages from our beloved Vidyarambh families. Our hearts are filled with gratitude – your appreciation fuels our passion!

November, a month of dynamic momentum, unfolded with a vibrant theme and two major celebrations—Diwali and Thanksgiving. Our walls and hearts were filled with messages of appreciation, creating a tapestry of love and gratitude that left a lasting impact on our learning community.