August Adventures at Vidyarambh Preschool

Welcome Back to School!

August marked the start of an exciting new academic year at Vidyarambh Preschool, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our little learners back with us. We kicked off the month with a fantastic animal-themed exploration that had everyone roaring with joy!

Imagination Unleashed through Dramatic Play

Our creative teachers transformed every corner of our school, from the Infant room to the Pre-K class, into captivating animal-themed play areas. Dramatic play not only sparks imagination but also boosts communication, collaboration and self-confidence in children. We witnessed young explorers taking on the roles of their favorite animals, roaring like eagles, and scampering like squirrels.

Theatrical Story Time

Story time became a theatrical delight as our teachers narrated tales like “The Little Blue Truck” and “Miica Mouse” with props and themed backdrops. The immersive storytelling had our little ones identifying with the characters and transporting them to exciting new worlds.

Learning Through Fun

Our older classrooms embarked on an animal adventure of their own. Activities such as matching animals with their young ones and sorting animals into wild and domestic categories made learning a joy. Outdoor art activities like “shearing the sheep” and experimenting with shadow painting allowed our young artists to express their creativity. They even baked scrumptious animal-shaped cookies in their cooking project!

Meanwhile, our toddlers and infants embarked on animal rescues, fine motor activities, and exciting sensory bin adventures. Every day was a new opportunity for discovery and growth.

Celebrating Together

We celebrated two significant events this month – Indian Independence Day and Onam. Our children sang patriotic songs, creating a heartwarming atmosphere of unity and pride. Independence Day-themed art activities showcased their artistic talents.

For Onam, we adorned our school with a traditional Pookalam(flower rangoli), crafted with vibrant fresh flowers. Our older preschoolers prepared delicious Payasam, which they shared with younger classrooms. The story of King Mahabali, the king of Kerala, added depth and meaning to our Onam celebrations.

Teacher Training Day

As part of our commitment to providing the best education, we dedicated a full day to teacher training. We delved into important topics such as supervision and safety, child behavior management and effective transition handling. This ensures that our teachers are equipped to provide the best learning experiences for your children.

Expanding Horizons

We’re excited to announce that starting September, we’re adding a new preschool classroom at our Cupertino center and are in the process of adding a toddler classroom at our Santa Clara facility. These expansions will enable us to continue providing quality early childhood education to even more children.

Cheers to a New Beginning!

August was filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. As we embark on this new academic year, we look forward to nurturing curiosity, creativity, and growth in every child at Vidyarambh Preschool. Here’s to an exciting journey ahead!